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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 00:31:53 +0000From: Ricky Subject: A Dream Called Reality/chapter 1 This is just a little something I'm trying out to see what I can do.Don't read if gay erotica is not in your taste. For all others, hope youlike it and please feel free to email me and give me ur thoughts! :)-- "Mr. Mandoza, could u please share with the class what you're desperatelytrying to share with your friend over there?" My science teacher looked overat me with annoyed eyes and just stared, waiting for my answer.-- "No I wouldn't sir, but thanks for asking" It started off with just a fewgiggles here and there. But soon enough, the whole class burst into laughterat how I answered back the meanest teacher in the school. But that probablywasn't even why they laughed so much--it's probably because I don't say muchout-loud. So being heard and saying something rude Preteen Toplist to a teacher was bothfunny and a new experience for a lot of people.--"Ricky, grab your stuff! You're headed to the principal's office rightnow!" I started to regret what I said. I'm not usually like that. I'm shy..Very shy!. But something just came over me I couldn't explain. I slowlygrabbed my belongings and slowly walked out the door, looking down at thefloor. No one was laughing... No one was smiling.. No one said a word. Well,there was no way in hell I was going to go to the principal's office, so Ijust headed home. I knew I was gonna get busted on Monday, but that seemedso far away that it didn't bother me much. I took my time walking home. There was no rush, school was supposed tobe over in 2 hours. No need to start explaining things to my parents. Andexplaining things is not an area I like too Preteen Toplist much. Especially knowing thatone day, I'm gonna have to explain to my parents how girls don't attract meat all!. I knew I was gay for a couple years now..I'm 14 right now. I haveblonde hair with streaks and bluish green eyes. I've been told I'm greatlooking, but I don't think so. To me, I just look like an average everydayperson. Nothing special. I get a lot of notes passed to me during classes.All from girls, unfortunately. But I like reading them just to see what Preteen Toplist theythink of me. Some are really cool to read while others are just plainboring. I'd probably find the boring ones cool if they came from guys! Butyeah, like that's ever going to happen. Like one day, Mark Spencer is justgoing to pass me a love note.. Ha ha who am I kidding? I don't know many other gay kids--only a few friends that I hang outwith. There probably are tons at school, but I'm still not very comfortablewith the fact of others knowing I'm gay, so I just take everyone as beingstraight as hell. That's why I spend a lot of my free time chatting on thenet with other gay teens. In fact, I've met someone I really, really like inthere. He's smart, funny, far from boring, and single! We've been talkingfor about a month now. His names Johnny and he's 14. Preteen Toplist He sent me a picture ofhimself once and let me tell you, he looked HOT!. He had these gorgeousgreen eyes and had his hair in spikes.--'Holy Crap!" I said out-loud to myself. Its 4 o'clock! I've been walkingaround for 3 hours!. Mind you, I did sit and stop at the park, but I had noidea time passed this late. I had an appointment with Johnny to meeteveryday at 4 sharp. I started to run home as fast as my teen legs wouldtake me I opened the door and dropped my stuff by my door as I ran to thecomputer. My mother was watching some soap-opera as she stopped me fromtrying not to be any later than I already am"Well where you running to sweety? Come over here" She smiled at me andpatted on the sofa to tell me to sit down."No time mom. We'll talk later, promise!" I ran upstairs to my room evenfaster this time to finally start explaining to Johnny why I'm late (why isit the more you hate something, the more you tend to have to do it?). As Iopened my door and got inside, I just wanted to scream as loud as humanlypossible...My brother was already on it talking to Preteen Toplist some of his friends."Yo, get off the computer, you know its my time!" I yelled at him. He justlooked at me and laughed. "Sorry Ricky, you're late. Your time is 4o'clock.. Not 4:20" And with that he just turned back to the screen andstarted typing again. I wanted to ring his neck, but he was a little biggerthan me and I was kinda worried he'd beat the crap outta me. Unfortunatelyfor me, he's my identical twin. He's about 5'5, 2 inches taller than me,with blonde hair and brown eyes. I think he's amazing looking! Funny though,he's my identical twin, except for the eye colours we're exactly the same!But I still didn't feel that great looking. As far as I know, my brotherNick is straight! He's always out on dates with the cheerleaders and postingpictures of models in his room. I just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled himoff the chair and pushed him out of my room closing the door behind him. Ihave no idea what has come over me today, but I'm not acting my usual self.Even my brother could tell something was up by the look on his face when Ipushed him. I felt kinda bad. He's a nice guy, but at that moment, all Ithought about was talking to Johnny. I signed in as my usual nickname, RiCkY(duh), and just as I thought, Johnny was a little pissed. I tried my best toexplain what happened and I think in the end, he understood. Either that, orour cyber session made him forget about it. We spoke for about 2 hours thatafternoon just talking about everything!.He said we'd meet soon and I wasreally looking forward to it. It would be the first time I actually met agay person that I KNOW is gay (haha). As I spoke to him, I heard some sortof truck drive through my street. It may seem like nothing special to you,but on my street, you're lucky if a car passes through the whole day! Ilooked out the window and noticed that the truck stopped at the house acrossthe street from me. I thought for a minute, then remembered that it had beensold. One of my best friends used to live there. We did EVERYTHING together.Including losing our virginity together. So it was very tough seeing himgo. But we still keep in touch so its not all that bad. A few days had passed and it seemed like the new family had settled in.Being the shy one that I am, I didn't welcome them to the neighbourhood. Myparents did, being the good Samaritans that they are, but I refused to go. Iwas just too chicken-shit. I mean, how about if they had a kid? One my age?It would be cool, but he or she would have to make the first attempt tostart a conversations because it was just not going to happen with me. Whenthey came back from their 'visitation', I had questions!"So, how are they?" I asked with curiosity. I wasn't really that interestedin how they are. My main curiosity was based around whether they had a kid,preferably a boy, but I figured I'd ask something else first withoutsounding weird. "They're very, very nice people Ricky. You should have gone to meet them"Was my mothers answer. My father nodded at my mothers response and smiled alittle. "I was kinda busy. So....umm...they childless?" I said trying to sound asuninterested as possible. But I'm sure my parents could see right throughme. "...childless?" My mother said pretending she didn't know what the hell Preteen Toplist Iwas talking about. She was good at it, being a blonde and all."Kids!? Do they have kids!?" I said very impatiently. My parents justlooked at me strangely and told me that if I wanted to know, I should justgo over myself and be polite. But I wasn't going over. No way in hell. Justthen my brother came through the door all in smiles and giggles."What's up with you?" I asked him giving him a weird look." Oh...haha..the new kid..he's so cool! He just turned 15 last week and heshowed me all the cool stuff he got for his birthday from his parents. Itell ya, they must be loaded!" His smile covered his whole face. It lookedas if he had just lost his virginity. But I knew very well that he lost itlooong ago!. But that's Preteen Toplist a whole other story. "Mom, I told him Preteen Toplist he can comeover tomorrow, is it ok?" He said it as though he knew she wasn't going tosay no, but figured he should ask anyway. I could tell because he didn'teven give mom a chance to answer. He just ran to his room and shut the dooras she was about to open her mouth. I didn't even bother with what my browas giggling about. All that mattered was that there was a kid living acrossthe street and he's coming over tomorrow!. Oh my god! What if he doesn'tlike me as much as my brother? What if he's beautiful? What if he's gay?What if I fall in love with him? God, I'm horny!.. But I guess I'll findeverything out tomorrow.....Hope you like it so far. Hoping to be much more to come depending on how youguyz liked it so keep those emails comin' :)
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